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  • Tire Pressure Gauge Digital w/ Metal Body 150PSI
Tire Pressure Gauge Digital w/ Metal Body 150PSI

Tire Pressure Gauge Digital w/ Metal Body 150PSI

The Only Gauge You’ll Need
Put the Ionox Digital Tire Pressure Gauge in your hand, and you’ll know right away you’re holding the best tire pressure gauge you’ve ever used. With an extremely durable metal body, sensitive +/-0.5 PSI accuracy and well-lit work area, this Ionox digital tire gauge promises to be your go-to gauge whenever need an easy, accurate tire pressure reading.
Light Up The Night
Ever found yourself in the dark trying desperately to fit your gauge on the valve to get a clear reading without deflating your tire? Just easily push the blue LED-lit nozzle into the valve stem, press the button, and you’ll instantly see a reading appear on the backlit digital display. At that point, you can continue pushing the button to cycle through the measurement skills or press and hold the button to shut it off. And if you forget, no worries, it’ll automatically turn itself off after 30 seconds. It’s foolproof!
Feel The Fit
When you think of a tire gauge, maybe you think of a big clunky thing that’s tough to hold onto, especially if you have smaller hands. While it is indeed rugged, the non-slip grips on this tire air pressure gauge ensure that whether your hands are large or small, you won’t have any trouble keeping it steady.
Yours For Life
We want our tire air gauge to be the best digital tire gauge you’ve ever had the pleasure of using, so we’ve guaranteed its performance for life. If anything ever goes wrong, a replacement or refund is just an email away!


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