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  • Wigbow 5-Function 48
Wigbow 5-Function 48

Wigbow 5-Function 48

Super bright: 72-leds Korean 3528smd-led chip, Red x 48 LEDs/white x 24 LEDs, waking up the drunks and texters behind you.

5-Function: tail lights-- all Red LEDs light up; rear left turn signal -- left Red LEDs light up; rear right turn signal -- right Red LEDs light up; Brake light-- all Red LEDs light up .

High quality: material: rubber. Waterproof IP67. It can still work good whatever it rains and snows. Withstand the weather and washed.

Easy install: mounts easily with high quality Automotive adhesive, plug the lights into your trailer light plug and it just works(reverse light must be wired). breeze wiring.

Compatibility: 48"/49" length strip bar fits in the dead space between the bottom of your tailgate and rear bumper.


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